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UPZ ATB UPZ 2013 Nuova Linea Scarponi


UPZ has a (rockin/fantastic/snazzy/impressive/versatile) new collection of Snowboard Boots for winter season 2013. BLUE is the new entry color that opens the door to the world of UPZ Hard Boots for those who already are or want to be a PRO.

You can control your board with the new RC10 and have the opportunity to choose between two colors: Green and Blue. Many other factories have been trying to make a hard boot like this without success. New features like the Booster Belt shoXXter improves the feel of riding your board and the new buckles are just short of unbreakable.

New Booster UPZ ShoXXter

New Buckles UPZ

If you are more interested in using these boots for skiing, we have just what you´re looking: a sole adapter that allows you to convert the UPZ Snowboard hard boot into a ski and touring boot! Our ATB All Terrain model is the best compromise between stability and lightness. The RC8 is for those who want an easy flex without loosing a good connection to your board.


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