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Thorax is an 11-liter capacity backpack featuring JetForce Technology. JetForce is the first avalanche airbag system to use jet-fan inflation and allows for multiple deployments on a single charge. The system is triggered by pulling the activation handle, located on the shoulder strap, which will inflate the 200-liter airbag in 4 seconds. The airbag will remain filled for three minutes before the fan automatically reverses and deflates the bag. The deflation of the bag will potentially create an air pocket if the victim is buried and will also allow for easier victim extraction and fast repacking. The airbag is made of high tenacity and puncture-resistant Cordura® fabric and will maintain volume despite moderate punctures and tears.




JetForce Technology (Read more at “How it works”)

Integrated 200-liter avalanche airbag, made of high tenacity and puncture resistant Cordura® fabric.

Multiple deployments on a single charge

Easy-to-use activation-handle

11-liter capacity

Internal organizational pockets

Zip pullers easily operated with gloves

Well-ventilated ergonomic back with zippered main access

Stowaway straps for diagonal ski carry

Helmet pouch

Leg strap

SwingArm shoulder straps for comfort and range of motion



An avalanche airbag may reduce the risk of being buried in an avalanche. It should be seen as an addition to your avalanche equipment and does not replace the need for an avalanche beacon, shovel, probe and avalanche education.


JetForce Technology


– How it works


JetForce is the result of a multiyear collaboration between Black Diamond and PIEPS and is the first avalanche airbag system to use jet-fan inflation. Powered by a rechargeable lithium-ion battery, the fan spins at 60,000 RPM to inflate the 200-liter avalanche airbag in 4 seconds.


Because of its unlimited air supply, the JetForce system can support larger volume airbags to maximize the effect of inverse segregation. Inverse segregation states that in an avalanche, larger objects tend to rise to the surface and smaller ones will sink. JetForce deploys a 200-liter airbag to increase your volume and reduce the risk of being buried.


Due to the JetForce system’s unlimited air supply it is also possible to maintain volume despite moderate punctures and tears. Once deployed, the fan periodically tops up the airbag for three minutes before automatically deflating the bag. The automatic deflation aids in extraction, makes the airbag easy to repack, and has the potential to create an air pocket if the victim is buried.


The Thorax pack has three strategically placed air intakes; the lower left sidewall of the pack, the back panel and the mesh lining of the airbag pocket. The battery has been specifically engineered to be able to operate at very cold temperatures (-30C) and even at low charge levels.


On every start up, Thorax performs a complete system diagnosis.


JETFORCE TECHNOLOGY Battery-powered jet fan that inflates a 200 liter airbag in 4 seconds, followed by top-off bursts for 2.5 minutes.


RECHARGEABLE & TRAVEL-FRIENDLY Compact and rechargeable lithium-ion battery, travel-friendly


AUTOMATIC SYSTEM SELF-DIAGNOSIS Complete system diagnosis on every start up, LED lights in handle indicate system status.


PUNCTURE RECOVERY Cordura® airbag fabric constructed with high-tenacity, puncture resistant automotive airbag material.


AUTOMATIC DEFLATION The airbag automatically deflates after 3 minutes to create a potential air pocket and aid in extraction.


MULTIPLE DEPLOYMENTS & USER PRACTICE The airbag is easy to repack for multiple deployments or practice as often as needed

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