K2 Bolt Built with Speed Rocker

GS Ski available for medium and long turns


K2 Bolt With ROX System a GS Skis

K2 is proud to introduce the highest performance hard snow ski to date, forever changing hard snow ski design. As the flagship model for K2’s new ROX Technology, the Bolt is the ultimate carving instrument available for medium to long radius, GS turns with rock solid stability and hold at mach speed.

Sizes: 172, 179, 186

Binding Options: MX 14.0 Binding

Performance: Groomed: 80%, Ungroomed: 20%

Radius: 18@179

Construction: ROX Technology, Metal Laminate, Fir Core

Features: ROX Technology, Carbon Web, Mod Technologies, Mod Monic



K2 Bolt ROX Technology

Core: Strength and Structure. A K2 ski is designed with a primary core and structural layers that determines the flex.

MOD: Suspension. A secondary core that essentially acts as a suspension system quieting the ride of the ski but does not affect the overall flex of the ski.

Carbon Web: Increased Edge Hold. A raised X-Shaped carbon support is laid on top of the MOD furthest from the core to increase the torsional rigidity for greater edge hold and grip.

Speed Rocker: Effortless Initiation and Accuracy. Without Rocker, a ski with this much torsional rigidity strength would be nearly impossible to initiate into a turn.


Speed Rocker Profile


ROCKER: Easy initiation, versatility, agility

CAMBER: Control, edge hold, rebound

This slightly elevated tip and increased tip length provides effortless initiation and flawless transitions, while camber along the rest of the running surface delivers precision, power, and edge-hold.

Simply put, Speed Rocker offers high performance precision and edge hold on firm snow.

Carbon Web


Carbon Web pushes the balance between weight and strength gaining downhill performance without adding additional mass. Located in the tail and the forebody of the skim the Carbon Web increases edge grip when you need it most in the backcountry.

Mod Technology


High-Performance Suspension System Mod functions by absorbing vibrations and impact loads along the entire ski, providing stronger edge-hold and a higher degree of power and control. Mod is a secondary core that flexes and moves on top of the primary core, allowing the overall ski flex to be unaffected.

Mod Monic


A Focused Mass-DampenerThe Monic is a solid zinc mass that works in conjunction with the Mod structure to focus mass-dampening at a targeted location.


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