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The DT (double tip) tip geometry increases per- formance and creates a new experience. The narrow front tip glides through deep snow with little resistance and gently supports the second tip in creating uplift in the right place. laisa’s smooth- ness is constant, even on crust, as neither ofthe two tips can grip inadvertently. With the internal composition of a piste ski, laisa offers great agility and stability on hard surfaces. An extra- ordinary ski that makes freeriders lift off.
Vulcanised natural rubber. zaiìra®. UD (unidirectional) endless carbon fibres applied in seven different directions. Bonded cedarwood slats (branchless). Dyneema®. Nano high-speed racing surfacing. HRC38 steel edges. 




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Zai Performance Technology Durability
Performance, technology and durability are at the centre of zai’s research and development strategy. High performance at minimal weight can only be achieved using high-grade materials. Working with these materials calls for innovative technologies and outstanding workmanship.zai skis are built by hand in an elaborate process supported by specially developed machines. The results are skis that not only guarantee performance and pleasure but also high durability.



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